Monday, May 18, 2009

Nick's Art

As you might already know, Nate and I don't do photography full-time (yet!) and work for Spyder Active Sports (as in the amazing ski apparel). What you might not know is that we work with some really amazing people who are super talented in so many areas. Last week, Nate had the opportunity to spend some time taking pictures of our co-worker Nick's artwork for potentially blowing it up and creating prints. There are certainly quite a few that I would want prints of, that's for sure! Here's a sampling of some of the art he brought over:

In other news, we are heading to the British Virgin Islands in a few days, and so so excited about it! Look for some sweet, scenic pictures in the very near future!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This past weekend we pulled out the seamless paper, the stands, the lights, the gaffer's tape, and a fan (that's right, don't be scared!) to play around and do our friend Amanda's pictures for her Watermark News story. Needless to say, she worked it for the camera, and we had a great time just playing with the lights, the fan, and our iTunes music. Here are some of the faves from that session:On another note, we are going to try to post more consistently (a little difficult until this turns full-time)! Feel free to leave LOTS of comments and questions, and be prepared to look for more pictures soon!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Landon & Sara Adkins (2 of 2)

Again, this wedding was absolute stunning. And not just because of the decor, colors, and lighting (all of which was outstanding - listed below the pics are the wedding vendors!), but because Landon and Sara are beautiful people inside and out. We had so much fun doing the photography for them and getting to know their families even better! Here are some of the favorites from the big day:

This is called "The Horse".....can't imagine why....

Wedding Vendors
Wedding Planner: Shari Johns
Videographer: Hakim Sons Films
Bakery: Romano's Bakery
Flowers: Pamm Meyers
Hair & Makeup: Nichole Middleton & Lisa Gordon